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Cash For Clobber

CTR’s Cash for Clobber scheme, which we run in conjunction with Eco-Schools Northern Ireland, aims to teach school children, community groups, sports organisations, etc, the environmental and social benefits of recycling while raising significant valuable funds for themselves.

At CTR, we believe that investing back into our schools and community is an important link in our recycling chain, while educating young people and the wider community on the importance of waste reduction and resource efficiency, is absolutely vital.

‘CTR’s Cash for Clobber schools’ recycling scheme sponsors Eco Schools’ Waste Topic. The joint programme is an international initiative designed to encourage action for the environment and raise much-needed funds for your school.

Our recognised award scheme accredits schools that make a commitment to continuously improve their environmental performance while benefiting from unbudgeted funds they otherwise would not have.

Eco-Schools is also an invaluable learning resource that raises awareness of environmental and sustainable development issues through activities linked to curricular subjects.

CTR is proud to sponsor the Eco-Schools Waste Topic and to celebrate this wonderful partnership we would like every school in the country to become involved in the Cash for Clobber scheme.

There are now over 1,100 schools registered for Eco-Schools in Northern Ireland representing millions of children in many countries worldwide – but, the scheme is open to all schools throughout the country, not just existing Eco-Schools.

The benefits are two-fold – work towards your Eco-Schools award and raise cash for your school. So, get your Eco-Committees’ brains in gear on reducing waste and coming up with innovative ideas to recycle clothes and textiles.